Registrations are CLOSED!



Registration are CLOSED – PainAdelaide 2015 FULL



Registrations are now CLOSED for probably the best little pain meeting in the world – PainAdelaide 2015

It’s on again folks. We have had to move the venue but the brilliant blend of all things pain related is happening again – March 30th 2015, at the Adelaide Convention Centre. Don’t panic though – we are keeping it small and we are keeping it intimate and we are keeping it supreme value for money. The convention centre charges us more to eat, so we are passing some of that on and absorbing the rest, but for the rock bottom price of $120, you can’t do better. You will rub shoulders with:

Prof Bob Coghill, a world leader on the neurophysiology and neuroimaging of pain, including mindfulness and mediation effects, section editor for the poshest journal in our field – PAIN.

Prof Glen King, one of the most important molecular scientists in the country, Glenn does fascinating work extracting venoms from spiders, scorpions and the like and using them to develop novel drugs to treat chronic pain. He has a habit of publishing in very posh journals and is a fabulous presenter.

Prof Peter O’Sullivan, one of the planet’s most innovative and enthusiastic clinical scientists, consistently ranked by Expertscape in the top 10 low back pain researchers on the planet. Peter will share his immense clinical insights and research discoveries.

A/Prof Stuart Brierley, a world authority on inflammation and the gut and at the forefront of innovative interdisciplinary methods to develop new treatments for inflammatory bowel syndrome.

Prof Kevin Vowles, one of the leading experts internationally on the application of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to the management of people in pain.

Dr Jim Hearn, scriptwriter and chef, author of the acclaimed High Season, an account of his painful journey into and out of heroin addiction – 2015’s Left-field presenter.

You will also hear the latest from some of Adelaide’s young and not so young pain community – we will learn about touch, neuroimmune gender wars, conceptual change strategies, painful vulvas and full body aches. Join the party and be part of the probably the best little pain meeting in the world.  Get in fast, numbers strictly limited

* Special thanks to Pfizer, WorkcoverSA, the MAC and the rest of the PainAdelaide Stakeholders’ Consortium for getting right behind this meeting – getting the world heavies here is no small deal, so if you see anyone from any of the sponsors, look them in the eye and say ‘thanks’.


We really hope to see you on March 30th,

Lorimer Moseley | Paul Rolan | Rainer Haberberger | Tim Semple | Anne Burke

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