Adelaide is a Festival City – the Adelaide Festival of Arts and the Fringe Festival, though February & March, are internationally renowned as among the world’s best; WOMADelaide – the World of Music, Arts & Dance – attracts 85,000 people in four days; the Comeout Festival is Australia’s premier festival of contemporary art, performance and creativity for kids; the Adelaide Cabaret Festival, Guitar Festival and Film Festival are also world famous.

Well, keeping with this theme, we set out to find a spot for a mini Pain festival. PainAdelaide is the scientific meeting of the Pain Adelaide Stakeholders’ Consortium – a collaboration of universities, industry, clinical operators and governmental stakeholders, established and led by Professor Lorimer Moseley. The primary objective of the Pain Adelaide Stakeholders’ Consortium is to facilitate research, optimise conversation between scientists, clinicians and consumers, and to synergise our attempts to make real progress towards better outcomes for people in pain. PainAdelaide has quickly established an international reputation for being ‘possibly the best little pain meeting in the world’. We normally sell out quickly and our program has superstars, surprises and stellar students. It is a fun day with a mix of science, irreverence and intrigue!

Professor Lorimer Moseley AO

Professor of Clinical Neurosciences | Foundation Chair in Physiotherapy | NHMRC Principal Research Fellow | Chair, Pain Adelaide

IIMPACT Research Group, University of South Australia

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