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Registrations are now FULL for PainAdelaide 2016

cropped-painadelaide-logo-copy1.jpgRegistrations are NOW FULL for probably the best little pain meeting in the world – PainAdelaide 2016!


Monday 4th April 2016, National Wine Centre of Australia


Check out this line-up:

Prof Francis Keefe from Duke University – Chief Editor of PAIN, CBT legend and all round nice guy.

Prof Gian Domenico Iannetti from University College London – IASP Patrick Wall Prize Winner, Plenary speaker from 2012 World Congress on Pain, Mr Neurophysiology of nociception and brain processing of sensory signals.

Prof Serge Marchand from Sherbrooke University Montreal –  guru on sex hormones, autonomic control and pain from kids to the elderly, founding member of the Pain & Suffering Interdisciplinary Research Program

Greg Crawford on pain and palliative care – Steve Kamper on managing expectations – Bronwen Ackerman on pain and elite performers – a host of local stars and the Inaugural PainAdelaide Q & A hosted by Stellar Sam Whittle.

We are back at the National Wine Centre and this year we are trying something new, with an online registration. Numbers are strictly limited so you will need to be quick.


PainAdelaide Provisional Programme Feb 16


Registrations will close Monday 28th March 2016, unless booked out prior

I can’t wait to see you again at possibly the best little pain meeting in the world!


Best regards,


Thanks to Return to Work SA, Pfizer, Mundipharma, noigroup Australasia and the three universities for making this happen. Again!

SAVE THE DATE – PainAdelaide 2016

PainAdelaide logo

Lock this in your diaries folks – PainAdelaide 2016, possibly the best little pain meeting in the world, is on again. Monday, 4 April 2016 back at the National Wine Centre of Australia. We have a superb programme again – Prof Frank Keefe from Duke, Prof Gian Domenico Iannetti from University College London, and Prof Serge Marchand from Quebec join some of Australia’s best talent and of course our own gaggle of local superstars. It will be in the usual PainAdelaide spirit and you should block out your diary now.

We hope to see you again! Mark it off in your diary NOW! To register your interest, fill out your details below and we will put you on the waiting list and send you a registration pack as soon as it’s ready:

PS. Want to support the PainAdelaide aim of increasing public awareness of the burden of chronic pain as a serious health issue? Well go on your bike! Ride for Pain 2015 is on November 15th and there is a challenge for everyone, no matter what your standard.

Check it out here – RideforPain


Registrations are CLOSED!



Registration are CLOSED – PainAdelaide 2015 FULL



Registrations are now CLOSED for probably the best little pain meeting in the world – PainAdelaide 2015

It’s on again folks. We have had to move the venue but the brilliant blend of all things pain related is happening again – March 30th 2015, at the Adelaide Convention Centre. Don’t panic though – we are keeping it small and we are keeping it intimate and we are keeping it supreme value for money. The convention centre charges us more to eat, so we are passing some of that on and absorbing the rest, but for the rock bottom price of $120, you can’t do better. You will rub shoulders with:

Prof Bob Coghill, a world leader on the neurophysiology and neuroimaging of pain, including mindfulness and mediation effects, section editor for the poshest journal in our field – PAIN.

Prof Glen King, one of the most important molecular scientists in the country, Glenn does fascinating work extracting venoms from spiders, scorpions and the like and using them to develop novel drugs to treat chronic pain. He has a habit of publishing in very posh journals and is a fabulous presenter.

Prof Peter O’Sullivan, one of the planet’s most innovative and enthusiastic clinical scientists, consistently ranked by Expertscape in the top 10 low back pain researchers on the planet. Peter will share his immense clinical insights and research discoveries.

A/Prof Stuart Brierley, a world authority on inflammation and the gut and at the forefront of innovative interdisciplinary methods to develop new treatments for inflammatory bowel syndrome.

Prof Kevin Vowles, one of the leading experts internationally on the application of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to the management of people in pain.

Dr Jim Hearn, scriptwriter and chef, author of the acclaimed High Season, an account of his painful journey into and out of heroin addiction – 2015’s Left-field presenter.

You will also hear the latest from some of Adelaide’s young and not so young pain community – we will learn about touch, neuroimmune gender wars, conceptual change strategies, painful vulvas and full body aches. Join the party and be part of the probably the best little pain meeting in the world.  Get in fast, numbers strictly limited

* Special thanks to Pfizer, WorkcoverSA, the MAC and the rest of the PainAdelaide Stakeholders’ Consortium for getting right behind this meeting – getting the world heavies here is no small deal, so if you see anyone from any of the sponsors, look them in the eye and say ‘thanks’.


We really hope to see you on March 30th,

Lorimer Moseley | Paul Rolan | Rainer Haberberger | Tim Semple | Anne Burke

Ride for Pain

Did you know that chronic pain is the planet’s most burdensome health issue?

Did you know that it costs our communities more than cancer and diabetes combined? Not to mention the massive social, economic and emotional burden on sufferers and their families – over 15% of Australians have a chronic pain condition that reduces their quality of life.

Scientific evidence shows that the first step towards reducing this massive burden is to increase understanding of the problem and its solution.

PainAdelaide is a collaboration between our three major universities, Pfizer, WorkcoverSA, MAC, The RAH, and SAHMRI (the groovy new medical research building on North Terrace!). We are a network of scientists, health professionals and consumers who are dedicated to taking on this massive challenge.

The Ride for Pain is one way you can help, and help yourself in the process. This is a unique, challenging and altogether fantastic community cycling event. It will be intentionally tough.

We want to give you an insight into what it is like to have chronic pain and what it takes to recover. Everyone either has chronic pain, is related to someone who does, plays, works or goes to school with someone who does – this is everyone’s problem.

Adelaide is one of the most important pain research and management centres on the planet. Now it is your turn to get involved. Take on your pain challenge. Can you ride for six hours? Four? Even two. It is all about YOU conquering YOUR pain challenge.

Start preparing now for what stands to become Adelaide’s premier cycling challenge. Take it on!

“Pain is one of the most awful human experiences, which is what makes it one of the most effective – it makes us protect our body. Chronic pain occurs when biological processes keep telling the brain that the body is in danger. The huge challenge of pain is that it is not simply about your body, but about your brain’s evaluation of threat to your body. The factors that contribute to pain can be really complex and sometimes very difficult to spot. All pain, 100% of the time, is a perception constructed by our brain. Scientific studies clearly show that once we realise this complexity of pain and that pain is an intensely individual and personal thing, once we know it in the belly of our nervous system, we greatly increase our chances of recovery. By riding in the Ride for Pain, you will help us reduce the massive personal and societal cost of chronic pain. We really REALLY appreciate your support.”

Professor Lorimer Moseley PhD FACP

Professor of Clinical Neurosciences & Chair, PainAdelaide

Kevin Vowles is coming to PainAdelaide!

We are very pleased to announce that Associate Professor Kevin Vowles will be joining us at possibly the best little pain meeting in the world, PainAdelaide, on March 30th 2015.
Kevin has a PhD in Clinical Psychology and has been an integral part of developing novel interdisciplinary pain care around the Acceptance & Commitment Therapy framework.

Kevin Vowles

After positions at the University of Bath, and then the Arthritis Research UK Primary Care Centre at Keele University, he returned to the USA and is now Associate Professor at the University of New Mexico. His is one of the most important voices in the application of ACT to chronic pain and his current clinical research is funded by the US National Institutes of Health (their version of NHMRC). He has written 55 papers and includes the prestigious UK Health Integration Award in his trophy cabinet.

Join Kevin, and some other shining stars – Bob Coghill, Glen King, Peter O’Sullivan, Stuart Brierley to name just a few – at PainAdelaide 2015. Get in early or you might be stuck on the waiting list.
Register here


Pain AdelaideIt’s on again! The PainAdelaide Stakeholders’ Consortium is proud to present ‘Probably the best little pain meeting in the world’: Bob Coghill | Peter O’Sullivan | Johan Vlaeyen | Glen King | Stuart Brierly | David Butler | Some surprises!

Date: 30 March 2015

We hope to see you again! Mark it off in your diary NOW! To register your interest, contact us and we will put you on the waiting list and send you a registration pack as soon as it’s ready: